About me

A certified Personal, Relationship, Leadership & Corporate coach in Delhi has been providing the best relationship business coaching and is a well-acclaimed, the Best Motivational Speaker in Delhi.

Bharat Katyayan

As a Life Coach, I enjoy an incredibly special relationship
with my clients that is non-judgmental and unique.

I am a practicing Professional Life Coach and take pride in helping people looking for direction in life. As a renowned business coach in Delhi, my impeccable observation and listening skills help me provide my clients with specialized tools that ensure formulating quantifiable ways to help them reach their goals. My 12 years of experience in the field of politics combined with my deep knowledge of Astrology make me the perfect person to impart life coaching to the discerning people. I have also gained recognition as the Best Corporate Trainer in Delhi.

I have learned the intricate nuances of Astrology in the lap of my father, the famous Astrologer, Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. I am a Doctorate in Astrology that gave helps me giving a new dimension to my work. I then moved on to getting certified in Emotional Intelligence and NLP. The eclectic blend of astrology, NLP, and emotional intelligence helped me assist my clients in moving forward towards creating a future of their dreams.

I works one-on-one with my clients and, after a detailed conversation with them, create a unique plan that helps people attaining their individual goals. While creating this plan, I also take out a leaf or two from my Astrology knowledge. This helps me in creating unique solutions that prove to be especially useful for people looking for direction in life and ways to attain their life goals.

As part of Life Coaching sessions, I always focus on asking pertinent questions that help me to access accurate information like talents, aspirations, dreams, capabilities, self, and emotion about the client. During the session, I give my unwavering support to the client in the form of energy, positivity, objectivity, and insight.

I have coached Vice Presidents, CEOs, and corporate executives of many MNCs. This uncanny understanding of handling crisis, people, and situations make me the best life coach.

Your thoughts strategist and life coach. Fix Yourself Rather Than Fixing Others

Bharat Katyayan