How to control emotions?

“Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle, somethings are within control, and something are not.”

 – Epictetus

These lines are the key to a happy life, people who understand this early, stay happier for a longer period. Emotions are like dictators of our life who perceive things according to their belief (why did he say like that, I am angry. Who is he to tell me what to do) and want us, to respond accordingly? Emotions are highly influential when we take any decision so to make the right decision, we have proper control over our dictators(emotions).

Identify your emotions:

Many times we react to a situation in a manner that even we regret later, we shout on someone or we fight with someone with whom we don’t want to or even that person is not responsible for our emotion, then why do we do it, why such obnoxious behaviour comes out of us, and especially with wrong people, it happens when we are not aware of our emotions, while we are embarrassed due to some event we use anger to sublime our embarrassment or we are super excited and we just simply smile instead of showing our true emotions.

Half the battle is won when we are able to accept our true emotion, if we are feeling something we should accept it, but it should not lead to a situation where we live in a particular emotion forever, if we let it happen then we tend to look everything from a particular perspective, our vision is blocked by that single event which initiated that particular emotion.SO to control emotions we need to first identify them. Once they are identified we can easily start managing it.

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