What is meditation? How is meditation done? Where and when is meditation done? What are the benefits of meditation? And is meditation really necessary for success? About this “Attention is necessary for success.-MEDITATION IS NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS” will be known in detail in this block.

Everyone needs happiness and peace in life. Everyone works hard for this. And even after working hard, because of not getting happiness and peace, doubt remains in the mind. Are happiness and peace possible in life? The answer is yes.

According to me, happiness and peace are possible in life. And the best way for that would be that of MEDITATION. Yes, it is a meditation that stabilizes your wandering mind here and there. Brings your mind to the present. Your mind power increases further. Which helps in having happiness and peace in life. You will know in detail about the power of this meditation.


Our body needs rest after a lot of work. Similarly, meditation is needed to relax our mind and mind. eg. Understand, we have been walking for two to three hours. Further we have to walk for 20-25 hours. So our body will need energy. Then by eating something and taking rest, we give energy to the body.

Similarly, our mind is always thinking about something or the other. When we sleep, he gets some rest. But, that is not enough. He needs more energy in today’s hectic life. We can give that more energy by meditating. The more you meditate, the more calm your mind will be. And this mind will be able to do its job well.


The question remains in everyone’s mind, where to meditate? And when to do However, it does not have a specific place and specific time. You can meditate anywhere and anytime. But, wherever you live. Meditation will continue to happen in a group somewhere around him, it will be better if you go there. Because there will be a positive environment to meditate. If you are short of time, you can meditate anywhere and anytime.


When we set our goal for success. So many types of thoughts come to mind, on the basis of some of them we make plans. Work on those plans. Sometimes a plan succeeds, sometimes a plan fails.

Because of this tension builds up. There is less enthusiasm, there is a disturbance in the mind. To calm this disturbed mind and to prepare the plans properly, meditation is very important. And meditation is an effective path.


From personal life and marital life to eternal life, the benefits of meditation are the only benefits. Whether you are at any stage of life, in any field, there are many benefits of meditation. Let us know the benefits of meditation –


By doing regular meditation our concentration increases. Whether it is married life or outside life, or whether you are a student, what is the use of working with a concentration in any field? You all know this. The work which is done with concentration, mostly that work is successful.


Most of the people in the world spend their life thinking about their past (PAST). Or spend life thinking about your future. Or live your present life by thinking of the past and future. Due to which you do not give your 100 percent in the present life. Therefore, do not enjoy the life that is present in the present.

You can call it this, such people do not live life at all. These people always live in stress (STRESS) thinking about the past and the future. For them, meditation is a ray of hope. By meditating regularly, you start living in the present by becoming stress-free. By living in the present, you give your 100% to work. Due to which the expectation of success increases and you are always excited.


Our daily routine is very busy, due to this hectic life, our stress increases. Due to this tension, irritability arises. Due to which there is unrest in the house and in our mind. We can reduce this stress by doing regular meditation every day. Due to which there is peace in the house. And our mind also remains peaceful and we feel STRESS-FREE.


Meditation calms our minds. Due to which enthusiasm is created in our mind to do any work. In any field, we work with joy and enthusiasm. We give our 100% to any work. So that works as best as it can.

Increases Decision Making Ability – INCREASES DECISION-MAKING ABILITY

Having the habit of meditating keeps you stress-free. Due to this, you do the work of any field with enthusiasm and concentration. And living in the present, he does it by giving his 100 percent. that your

How to experience meditation benefits

Regular practice is essential to feel the benefits of meditation. Every day it only takes some time. Meditation becomes the best part of the day once absorbed into the daily routine. Meditation is like a seed. When you grow a seed with love, it blooms just like that.

Every day, busy people from all walks of life gratefully stop their work and enjoy refreshing moments of meditation. Go deep into your infinite depths and enrich your life.

Health benefits of meditation

Due to meditation, there are special changes in the internal activities of the body, and every cell of the body is filled with prana tattva (energy). With the increase of vitality in the body, the communication of happiness, peace, and enthusiasm also increases.

Physical benefits of meditation

  • Lowering of high blood pressure, lowering of lactate in the blood, reduced agitation/anxiety.
  • There is less pain in the body related to stress. Relieves tension headaches, wounds, insomnia, muscle, and joint pain.
  • Serotonin hormone that improves mood and behavior is produced more.
  • The immune system improves.
  • Improvement in the internal source of energy leads to an increase in the energy level.

Mental Benefits of Meditation

Meditation brings the pattern of brain waves to the alpha level, which increases the speed of healing. The brain becomes more beautiful, new, and softer than before. Meditation cleans and nourishes the inner form of the brain. Meditation calms you down whenever you are anxious, unstable, and emotionally upset. Following are the benefits of continuous practice of meditation:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improve emotional stability
  • Increase creativity
  • Increase in happiness
  • Develop intuition
  • Peace of mind and clarity
  • Ease of troubles
  • Meditation sharpens the mind by
  • Focusing and expanding it by providing relaxation.
  • An unexplained sharp mind leads to anger, stress, and frustration.
  • An expanded consciousness progresses to a dormant/undeveloped state without sharpness.
  • The combination of sharp intellect and an expanded consciousness brings perfection.
  • Meditation awakens you that your inner attitude determines happiness.

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