What I Offer

Services I offer to my clients with specialized


Corporate Coaching

Mr. Bharat Katyayan is a renowned corporate & business coach in Delhi. He helps leaders in identifying and developing skills and strategies that help them to enhance their impact and help add a lot of value to the organization. Every leader faces a situation when their skills and abilities are no longer adequate to make a difference. It happens when they take a new senior role, lead change in the organization, or take up a new initiative. It calls for new ways of thinking and new skills. The role of the coach is to help prepare the leader for these changes and overcome the challenges faced in their professional journey.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching helps people achieve their relationship goals. Every person has a specific set of goals he or she wishes to achieve, but when in a relationship, these goals need to be aligned with the partner to ensure a perfect relationship. Sometimes, effective coaching, strategies, and skills are required to coach the couple so that they can experience and enjoy relationship success. Mr. Katyayan also provides pre-marital coaching that helps the couple to know and understand each other better. This mutual understanding proves to be a solid foundation for their marriage. He also extends the best marriage coaching to the couples facing challenges and issues in their relationship. He coaches them and helps them identify issues in their marriage and the best way to fix them so that they can enjoy a blissful journey together.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching help managers, corporate executives, and individuals to help build and refine their leadership skills. He also helps them in accelerating development, overcoming challenges, and achieving their goals. Many leaders can achieve greatness, and the right support and right counsel at the right time can help them achieve the same. Mr. Katyayan is a highly experienced Leadership coach who helps organizations by playing a vital role in the sustainability and success of team functions. Coaching helps them achieve personal and professional goals.

Life and Motivational Coaching

Every individual has his or her passion and calling in life. We all are gifted with unique qualities and talents. The real purpose of life is to find out about our qualities and passion and then live accordingly. One of the most nobles causes in the world is to – “help others”. There are more sensitive than others. They are called “Empaths”. They have this burning desire to make a difference in people’s lives and give something back to society. Life and Motivational Coaching is the need of the hour. Some so many people need guidance in life, and a Life Coach can help them in finding a way forward. I help make a positive difference in people’s life. I use my unique qualities and my passion to help people and let God work through me to heal people. I offer personal and professional life coaching to help people achieve their life and professional goals.