Life coaching may be a new term for many Indians, but this method, which has come from western countries, is rapidly gaining popularity in India. A life coach can be a good helper in case of stress, family and professional conflicts.

Life Coach Bharat Katyayan said that every person behaves differently in different situations. How he behaves, if he can understand better about it, then he can find a solution to many of his problems. In other words, in the behavior of the person lies the solution of his problems.

While discussing life coaching, Mr. Katyayan says that Life Coaching is a new kind of learning which is meant for Entrepreneurs, Executives, Senior Managers, Business Honors, etc. In this, understanding the behavior of the person, he is given guidance, and solutions to his problems are presented, and that in the last few years, the practice of life coaching has increased rapidly in the western world. Its need is being felt in India also for a couple of years. They say that life coaching is needed due to fast-paced life, stress, complications, personal and professional problems, etc. Understanding the behavior of the person and moving forward is the biggest feature of life coaching.

Through this mode, the coach understands the behavior of the person concerned, brings out his pain, negativity and creates positivity within him, thereby increasing the strength and confidence of the person.

Mr. Katyayan says that life coaching is not like classroom training. The location also doesn’t matter in this. One can take training anywhere through Skype and the Internet. Although one hour of guidance is sufficient in a week, sometimes training can be given twice a week as per the need.

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