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Life is a journey how many turns we take its on us, we can make it full of curves and wrong turns or even keep it straight, it is all about our vision and how we perceive it. Allow me to help you straightening your life path.

Services I Provide

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching help managers, corporate executives, and individuals to help build and refine their leadership skills. He also helps them in accelerating development, overcomi…

Life & Motivational Coaching

Every individual has his or her passion and calling in life. We all are gifted with unique qualities and talents. The real purpose of life is to find out about our qualities and passion and then li…

Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching helps people achieve their relationship goals. Every person has a specific set of goals he or she wishes to achieve, but when in a relationship, these goals need to be…

Corporate Coaching

Mr. Bharat Katyayan is a renowned corporate & business coach in Delhi. He helps leaders in identifying and developing skills and strategies that help them to enhance their i…

About Bharat

I am a practicing Professional Life Coach and take pride in helping people looking for direction in life. As a renowned business coach in Delhi, my impeccable observation and listening skills help me provide my clients with specialized tools that ensure formulating quantifiable ways to help them reach their goals. My 12 years of experience in the field of politics combined with my deep knowledge of Astrology make me the perfect person to impart life coaching to discerning people. I have also gained recognition as the Best Corporate Trainer in Delhi.

I have learned the intricate nuances of Astrology in the lap of my father, the famous Astrologer, Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. I am a Doctorate in Astrology that gave helps me giving a new dimension to my work…


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